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Welcome to Sakura4ever! This site is exclusively dedicated to Sakura Kasugano! Here you can learn everything about her, much images, fan art and finally a dedication about The Street Fighter Comics! ENJOY your stay! You're warmly welcomed!

News & Updates

Sunday- 31/1/2010

Well, it's been so much i am having this website so i decided to make some modifications on it... It's been so many years and now i'd prefer to not be misunderstood by people... So instead of closing the website i'd rather make some changes... Thanks for understanding lol. Plus i would like to celebrate the website's birthday! It's been so long i don't believe it! 7 whole years of life! It's kinda since so much i don't add any news! Thanks again to the people that keep visiting my website!!!!

Tuesday - 28/8/2007

Street Fighter Legends: Sakura added in SF Comics section. Plus new Links you should check...

Thursday - 15/3/2007

For another year, Sakura4ever celebrates Sakura's birthday! Happy Birthday Sakura!

Saturday - 20/1/2007

Correction in the SF comics section. Also Sakura Comic name changed in Sakura Ganbaru. Plus added more stuff about it.

Friday - 19/1/2007

New images added to Sakura's images section. Plus i am getting ready to open a new section at the SF Comics. I am talking about the known Street Fighter Legends: Sakura. From now on i'll be using my real name as my sign.

Tuesday - 21/11/2006

Finally, i decided to keep Sakura's theme for the site. Working for other updates. I am also trying to find some more Links.

Thursday - 9/11/2006

New special info about Sakura added in "Sakura's Profile" section.

Tuesday - 7/11/2006

Problems solved with the music links at the beggining of the main page. Finally i finished with problems like those. I am planning to add other stuff on the site...

Monday - 6/11/2006

I just solved the download links problem. To solve it i needed to open a site on Angelfire just to keep up the zip files. Now i am working for the music of the site.

Wednesday - 28/9/2006

Credits section open. Downloads problem, working in progress.

Wednesday - 20/9/2006

A New Link added in the Links section. Credits section working in progress...

Tuesday - 19/9/2006

Street Fighter Comic (by CAPCOM) of the SF Comic section, completed with images uploaded. I have some problems with the download section i need to fix. I want to note that i know that the images on the SFA3 Comic section aren't so clear. All that because it's difficult to scan the images with the scanner cause of the way the issues are made. As for the Street Fighter Comic i had no problems such as these and it's all ok...

Saturday - 16/9/2006

After a long time, more Sakura's Wallpapers in the Download section (Thanks to SakuraAsadlovesong site). Added some other pics on the Sakura Fan Art section. In the SF comics section SFA3 comic section completely finished and a new Sakura Comic also finished while "Street Fighter (by CAPCOM)" working in progress.

Thurday - 16/3/2006

So, after Sakura's Birthday, new sections are open. Sakura's Fan Art and the Downloads section has been updated. You have no need to download entering other sites for my site but directly here.

Wednesday - 15/3/2006

Today is a really important day. It's Sakura's birthday! Happy birthday Sakura! It's 3 years Sakura's birthday are being celebrated by me.

Friday - 3/2/2006

After a long time, finally i've moved Sakura4ever to a new host because was really annoying...

Tuesday - 15/3/2005

Tomorrow is a very important day... cause it's Sakura's Birthday! Happy Birthday Sakura! It's been excatly one year i posted my first Sakura birthday message. I am planning to open the "Credits" section in which i will talk to you for myself, ambitions, dreams, questions to myself but i'd firstly like to complete the SF section.

Sunday - 6/3/2005

SF Comics section open. SFA3 Comic section open. The only think i have to do now is upload the images.

Friday - 25/2/2005

It's from a long time i have added some Sakura images in the Sakura's Image Section. The Street Fighter Comics section will be open while i'll have uploaded some Sakura's images. Well, Happy new year also althought i've been late for pc problems.

Sunday - 28/11/2004

New Links in the Links in the Links' Page: Iwa's RCL Shrine and Mpammpam! Go and check them!

Sunday - 3/10/2004

2 New Sakura Images in "Sakura's Images" section. Plus 3 new fics in the "fan fics" section (1 poem and 2 song lyrics). In the section "Downloads" a new Sakura Wallpaper!

Saturday - 16/9/2004

Sorry for being late. I was on holidays. Sakura's Profile Modified. I added more info about her. I always thank those who congratulated the site in the Guestbook...

Saturday - 12/6/2004

Fan Fictions section now open with a poem dedicated to Sakura writen by me.

Friday - 11/6/2004

New links into Sakura4ever's Links list. Go and check quickly a site dedicated to Sakura, Extraordinary Schoolgirl and the greatest SF website on the web The Street Fighter Organization. Sakura's Attacks page modified. Soon is comin' the section "Fan Fictions". Also, new music for the site is added which suits more with Sakura, click on "Let The Music Play" and enjoy! It's from the Neon Genesis Evangelion Main Theme!

Thursday - 10/6/2004

New Gifs in The The Sakura's Animated Gifs Page. The SF Comics section comes soon...

Friday - 9/4/2004

Awhh... Sakura4ever, my website dedicated to Sakura seems to grow more and more. Downloads page open. I'd like to thank Queen Of Combat of The Street Fighter Organization for giving me the permission to add her Sakura Wallpapers into Sakura4ever. Then, a cool Rom and Emulators website, one of the bests, for Street Fighter Alpha 2 and SNK VS Capcom Card Game... Then check the Links page and make sure to visit The Ibuki&Sean Shrine.

Tuesday - 6/4/2004

Got much News. I have been working for all the week when i had time and... Sakura's Profile section is completely open. I've also modified and added some more info, corrected some errors. Then Sakura's Attacks section open. Plus Sakura's Images and Sakura's Animated Gifs section open. As you can see i've changed the site's design and made it much better than the old one adding music intro (from The Streets Of Rage 2 Main Theme). Ah! If anyone would like to leave comments for the site just sign on the Guestbook which it's open too. Now i am currently working to open the section "Downloads".

Monday - 15/3/2004

Tomorrow is a very important day... Sakura4ever celebrates Sakura's 17th Birthday! Happy Birthday Sakura From The BHT Net! Sakura's Profile Page open.

Saturday - 24/1/2004

I am currently working for BIOHAZARDterror, i decided to open a site dedicated to someone in which from last summer i had and i also been attracted a lot: Sakura Kasugano! I'd like to thank, Wishwarriorx, Webmaster of The Street Fighter Organization, for helping me. :-) Sakura4ever is now... OPEN!

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